Attempting To Finish The Bucket List

I had friends come through from home during my last week staying at my Ensenada Del Mar apartment.  I was actually glad they stayed up until my move out day.

I ensured that during this last week I checked off some activities off the bucket list.  I took them to Steps Beach and we got a good snorkeling session in for a couple hours.  Came across some great coral, deep crevices, and schools of fish.  I’ll end upload some of photos of the fish in a later post.

That night we went to Jibarita in Mayaguez and bar hoping around the area.  This photo below makes no sense and depicts absolutely nothing, but it was taken in Mayaguez so I’m throwing it in here anyway.


Next day we booked tickets and went to Orocovis to take on Toro Verde Adventure Park and The Monster Zip Line.  The Monster Zip Line is the longest zip line in the world.  It is about 1.5 miles in distance zipping over the mountains and your flying through the air at about 48-50 mph and about 1200 ft above the ground.  It was an experience to say the least.  Getting up the mountain to the park requires driving through these winding turns as does any mountain range here in Puerto Rico so that wasn’t too surprising.  Arriving at the park, they gave me a hard time regarding my GoPro because I forgot to bring the clip to attach it to the helmet.  They refused to let me borrow it.  After some annoying back and forth I eventually just ended up paying $35 to borrow the GoPro off them since they refused to give me the clip.  The Monster Zip Line was incredible.  They make you walk across this suspension bridge before climbing the steps to the launch tower.  I figured they did that to weed people out who were having second thoughts.  At the top of the launch tower you are basically with two other groups of three people and the two guides.  They explain how everything works and how you’ll be harnessed into the zip line.  It started to rain right when I was about to fly off so that just added to the experience.  Basically you are harnessed in superman/bullet position where you are laying flat face down.  It was insane in the fact that the zip line was over in the blink of an eye.  The view is a great perspective of the mountains and rivers within the distance.  When reaching the end of the zip line you take a second smaller zip line to get back across.  The second zip line requires you sitting back and holding the top of the zip line.  At this point the rain was just whipping me across the face when I went across.    We ended up eating at the restaurant in the park.  It was some of the best mofongo I had on the island. Awesome experience all together and I highly recommend going out of the way to come here.

We drove off to San Juan after that to stay overnight.  We got this decent Airbnb in San Truce and ended up going to Brava that night.  The next day we walked through Old San Juan.  This is actually one of my favorite photos of I’ve taken here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 9.03.23 PM

Also we ate like kings…check out these breakfast dishes from Mad Hatter in Rincon.


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