Counting Down My Final Days

As of today, I have one week left in my apartment complex and two weeks left in Puerto Rico.

This has easily been the fastest seven months of my life.  Everyone I’ve met in Rincon and Puerto Rico in general has made some form of a lasting impact on me.  I owe the company I work a lot for giving me the opportunity to come down here and grow.  I owe my co-workers down here for taking me in and being some of the best people I’ve gotten to work with and treating me like family.  I owe all the strangers that became friends for allowing me to enjoy all the awesome activities and beauty Puerto Rico has to offer.  All in all, I’m grateful to have had this opportunity.

The last couple weeks I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer and tutor this high school student in Math.  It is a small way for me to give back to Rincon.


For my last couple days here I’m trying to get as much in as I can in terms of snorkeling, surfing, hiking, and photography before I fly back out to Jersey.  Earlier today I went out to snorkel at Step Beach and tried to capture some split shots using the GoPro and AquaDome.


Yesterday, I walked through the Balnario to catch the sunset.  I don’t believe anywhere I’ve been to or many places can top the sunsets that you get in Puerto Rico. This is one of my favorite shots that I’ve captured.




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