Travel Guide: Recommended Activities

If you ever have the chance to stay in Puerto Rico for an extended period of time make sure to get as much surf, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and hiking in.  These are truly the best activities to do on the island.  Some of the things I’ve seen and done over the last 6 months here, I would not have imagined doing or given the chance if I was back home in Hoboken.

Below is a list of some of the activities I highly recommend when visiting Puerto Rico in no particular order:

  • Snorkel at Steps Beach in Rincon
  • Paddle board in Tres Palms Marina in Rincon
  • Watch the sunset at the lighthouse in Rincon
  • Surf at Domes Beach and Maria’s Beach in Rincon
  • Attend the art walk in Rincon
  • Attend the farmers market in Rincon and Aguada
  • Visit Crash Boat Beach and jump off the pier in Aguadilla
  • Find out how to get to the Sugar Mill and jump off it in Aguadilla
  • Surf at Surfers Beach in Aguadilla
  • Hike through Survival Beach in Aguadilla
  • Visit Gozalandia Waterfalls in San Sebastian
  • Zipline at Toro Verde Adventure Park
  • Visit the observatory in Arecibo
  • Tour Cueva Ventana in Arecibo
  • Tour Camuy Caves in Arecibo
  • Drive through the southern part of the island
  • Rent a boat in La Parguera
  • Hike through Guantica
  • Hike Cerra de Rodadero
  • Tour the BioBay in Fajardo or Vieques
  • Take a charter flight to Culebra and Vieques
  • Hike the rain forest for multiple days
  • Visit Old San Juan
  • Rent an ATV in Rincon or San Juan
  • Camp on the beach



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