Family Visit

Three weeks ago I had my dad, brother, and cousin visit.  For my dad and brother it was there first time in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  Needless to say, I had a ton of activities and sites to show them for week.  We had a very stacked agenda. They were easily able to pre-occupy themselves with the beaches around my condo.  My cousin and brother are ridiculous though – they found a free gym in Rincon and insisted I drive them there in the morning prior to my workout at RFC and they didn’t even bother trying any of the Puerto Rican food and instead just stuck to grilled chicken and steak the entire vacation.  I took them out snorkeling at Steps Beach in Rincon.  Previously, we had tried the day before and there was too much wave turbulence to even bother going in and the visibility would have been awful.  But the following day we got some calm water and they were able to experience one of the best activities to do here.  I was able to take them to Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla.  This is arguably my favorite beach that I’ve been to.  Its highly popular so there is always a crowd but its extremely scenic and the pier is just a great spot to jump off of.  I’ve rolled through here countless times already.  However, this time I actually got the chance to snorkel here.  Snorkeling at Crash Boat Beach is so underrated.  I suggest anyone coming to the West side of the island to give this a shot.  If you have an underwater camera you’ll be able to capture a ton of footage like I did.  On the weekend we made the drive into Old San Juan.  Every time I’ve gone into Old San Juan I always find out something new – this time I found out about La Perla which you overlook if you visit the fields of El Morro. On the last day I took them to Gozalandia Waterfalls.  We weren’t able to jump off it because the water was coming down too hard but we were able to go to the back part and do some rope jumping.


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  1. M.Bellmore says:

    Great post man! Love your positivity and your pictures are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ScottAvery says:

      Hey just saw this – thanks for the feedback I appreciate it! Your blog looks awesome as well.


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