Travel Guide: FOOD

I’ve had the opportunity to eat a thousand different cuisines since arriving in Puerto Rico back in January.  I’ve gotten food from restaurants, outside stands within town and on the side of the street, guest that have stayed over, co-workers, strangers from the street – literally everywhere.  What I have learned is that food in Puerto Rico is way more fresh then what is offered in the states.  Fish here is caught daily and meat here is grass-fed. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to photograph everything I’ve eaten or have been to. Probably because I’m stuffing my face with all food I come into contact with.  Anyway, below are some of the restaurants I’ve been to and some of the food I’ve had along the way. At some point I’ll create a new post with some additional photos and reviews from around the island.  Enjoy!

Right off the plaza in the center of Rincon, you’ll find Green Thumb Grill.  This was one of my favorite dinner spots as its kind of high end and somewhat out of place for a location like Rincon.  The owner use to own a Thai restaurant in the mountains of Rincon called Ode to the Elephants which closed down.  He re-opened up and that is how Green Thumb Grill came about.  The food isn’t your traditional Thai food as its best described as Thai-Spanish fusion.  You won’t find “Pad Thai” on this menu.  In addition, most of the options on the menu are Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten free.  Appetizers include Spring Rolls, Curry Chicken Empanada, and Fish Tacos.  Entrees include Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Tomato Basil Sauce and Farro Salad, Celery Root with Tofu Sesame Chili, Sweet Chili Sauce, and Mixed Greens, and Shrimp Cerviche with Tostones and Quinoa Salad.  Wine selection here is very good as well.

Off of Route 115 in Rincon you’ll find Cowboys.  This establishment is a BBQ restaurant that provides a show.  When I went, the cowboys were practicing roping bulls within the stadium.  Very traditional and heavy BBQ selection.  Highly recommend the Skirt Steak and Burger Sliders along with the Mac N Cheese and Mashed Potatoes.  I also tried the Whiskey Meatballs but wasn’t a fan of it.  I recommend trying it and letting you be the judge.

Go off of Route 413 in Rincon and up some narrow, sketchy, dangerous road up the mountain and you’ll arrive at The English Rose.  Hands down, the best place to get breakfast in Rincon.  The English Rose is so popular, you need to reserve a table the day before.  What you are paying for is a great breakfast and an awesome view high up overlooking the trees in the mountain and the ocean off Steps Beach in the distance.  The French Toast here is very good.  My favorite selection though is the Huevos Racheros – potatoes, eggs, mixed greens, beans, chips, and yogurt. Simple yet amazing combination.  Pair any of the meals with the freshly brewed coffee.


TACOS is a brand new small stand in the intersection across from Rincon Surf Hostel on Route 413.  The menu is simple and as you would expect offers two types of simple tacos – chicken or beef.  The tacos are delicious and super cheap.  The owner is the chef behind the counter and he’s an extremely laid back dude to talk to.  Really open to advice to make his spot better. Highly recommend TACOs for a quick bite and if you are on a budget.


Monse Cafe, located in Aguada, was introduced to me through my co-workers.  To say the least – I am hooked on this place.  It’s my favorite place to eat during work and I’ve always enjoyed coming out here to eat with my co-workers.  The Mofongo here is the best Mofongo I’ve had in Puerto Rico and I have tried Mofongo everywhere.  Monse Cafe makes the best. When you come here get the Mofongo with Carne/Pollo.  I can’t say enough about this place.  If you want Mofongo go to Monse Cafe!!

I can’t remember what the name of this stand was but it was located in Aguada and I came here with my co-workers.  We got pork, BBQ chicken, and Yucca.  Food was super cheap and the portion size was huge.  It was my first time trying Yucca and I recommend trying it as its something that is difficult to find in the states.

Cafe 413 is a very popular spot in the plaza in Rincon.  I’ve come through here numerous times because you know what you are getting and what to expect.  Food quality here is very consistent.  The restaurant has an awesome surfer vibe and is open every day of the week.  The menu selection is tailored mostly for Americans so you’ll find pizza, burgers, salad, lettuce wraps, tacos.  The burgers here are amazing, I highly suggest the Cafe 413 Burger and this one burger I forgot the name of but the meat was lamb and it was delicious.  The bar has an extended selection of beer to choose from outside the typical Medallas.  I recommend trying the Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout.  Cafe 413 is probably 2nd to Rincon Beer Company for grabbing good beer.  Also, they have a lot of live music going on here at night during the weekends.

Like Cafe 413, Boco Restaurant is located in the plaza in Rincon.  Similarities run very close to Cafe 413 in terms of food as the quality of the food is very consistent.  Boco has a slightly larger selection of food and they offer more Spanish related food as well.  I recommend getting the Skirt Steak or Grilled Chicken with Rice and Beans and pairing it with a side of Tostones.  I’ve also tried the Mofongo here, and it is decent.  I can’t count how many times I came here when my dad, brother and cousin came through.  Boca was their favorite spot.




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