Unconventional Visit

I had an unanticipated visitor roll through about two weeks ago. One of my uncles decided to visit for a little over a week based on a whim.  It was actually good timing for him, as the surf season was winding down in Rincon and everyone was heading back to the states.  At first glance we look like polar opposites and you wouldn’t guess we’re related. We covered a lot of ground during his stay – Introduced him to the many people I’ve come across during my stay,  we baked in the sun at the Marina, made a trek to San Juan essentially to check out the Harley Davidson store per his request, took in the Gozalandia Waterfall vibes, and ate and drank like kings all over Rincon.  We had some interesting conversations at the bar and he had some complaints about the beer since he identified the taste as different, which was an ongoing debate between us.  His personality is one that can hold a conversation with anyone.  Case in point, he made some friends at a bar at Domes Beach after talking to them for several hours, to the point where the owner gave him a free hat and plaque while I was at work??

Hoping he can come out and make the trip when I move to Cincinnati.

Below are some shots that I captured during his stay.


Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.56.20 AMIMG_2303IMG_2308

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.56.38 AMIMG_2293IMG_2314


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