Going Off The Beaten Path and Science

It is very easy to get caught in the monotonous behavior of staying put.  I make every effort, especially during weekends, to break the monotony and see everything outside of Rincon.  This led me to La Soplaera Waterfall in Penuelas.  These waterfalls are up  steep green mountainsides.  Its a serious driving effort to navigate through the winding narrow roads to reach it.  But this is exactly what going off the beaten path is, because once we were there we were basically the only ones enjoying this low key hidden waterfall.  I got the impression mostly locals only come to these waterfalls, because there was not one tourist in the area.



Up the mountain drive we came across this treehouse.  I ended up just parking the car on the side and taking pictures of this guys property and walking up his driveway.  He caught us but easily welcomed us without any hesitation or problems and we were able to get some decent shots and look around his backyard.  Crazy to think how these people live with so little resources.  Its really difficult to describe the mountainside.  Its one of those things, that seeing is better then reading or hearing about it.  Because part of the beauty of it is all the green trees and run down poor housing on the side that makes it somewhat charming.  Also, you get these crazy looks from people while you are driving up the mountan, because they clearly don’t see too many people scaling and driving around it.  They have this “Who the hell are you” impression on their face but end up just saying “Hola” when you slowly drive by.


Second day consisted of seeing Arecibo Observatory.  Everyone knows some form of information or has some idea what outer space looks like and contains.  But not everyone knows what the details are that allow researchers and scientist to get these images or information into our heads and into schoolbooks or journals.  Arecibo Observatory is one of those small details that allows that.  Seeing it today really reminds me of the grind and challenges of going through undergraduate/graduate BME courses and allows me to feel validated on what I’ve been doing for the last 7 years.



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